Month: July 2017


Now Trying Shipt! I’m Ready to be a Shipt Shopper

Hustling by shopping through shipt

Shipt is about to launch in my city, so I figured why not try shopping as a side hustle? I absolutely love grocery shopping. I love learning about new foods, wine, beer, recipes, and cultures. What can go wrong with shopping and getting paid for it, right? Ha! Well, we will see after the launch […]


Why do I want to quit my job?

The fact that I want to quit my job has been a driving force for me seeking FIRE over the past four years. Some days I cannot understand how some people enjoy their jobs. But, I think in classic millennial style I was raised believing that I can achieve anything (but I’m going to have […]


Frugal Date: A Physics Lecture on the Honeymoon?

Flying for the weekend isn't fun, I'd rather roadtrip

We are always on the hunt for a frugal date, even on our honeymoon in British Columbia. I’m the planner in our pack, so I planned most of the honeymoon. However, I did ask Mr. Kiwi to figure out at least one activity that he wanted to do. If his goal was to never have […]


Lending a Hand – Frugal Friendships

The dogs arrive tonight!

Our frugality has encouraged us to get out of our introverted shells and reach out to our friends for help when needed. I’ve learned not to shy away from admitting when I can’t do everything myself. We frequently call on our friends to lend a hand, which has helped us grow frugal friendships, even with […]


How to Have a Frugal Garden

Gardening encourages creativity, happiness, and frugality

I have only four years of gardening experience under my belt, so I’d say I still fall into the “novice” category. I am definitely no Master Gardener. But, I’ve improved my gardening skills every year, and I now can count on having a bountiful supply of delicious home grown food in a veritable variety of […]

Health Savings

How we Saved 33% off our Grocery Bill


Groceries have always been a challenge to the budget and waistline for me. Although the grocery budget seems like low hanging fruit when you start looking for ways to save money, I ignored this line item for the first year in my FIRE journey. Food has caused health challenges in the past, and I’ve been […]


My Mustachian Fail! How your Weight can get in the Way Financial Independence

Risk and money vs risk and real life are totally different things

This is the first post I have for my planned series of Mustachian Fails. You can definitely assume that our house has more than just one Mustachian Fail, including owning two clown cars. I’ve struggled with my weight and food my whole life. I know what choices are best for me, but I am an […]

Happiness Hustle Work

The Hunt for the IRA Funding Side Hustle

Frugal Fall Activies

To take back my life I need to come up with a good plan. I definitely don’t want to be limited to 23 days off per year and working 40 hours each week. I have skills as a civil engineer, unfortunately these skills don’t translate immediately into an engineering consulting side hustle due to my […]

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