Month: October 2017

Happiness Optimization

Optimizing for Your Values by Questioning Your Spending

Make your spending match your values

I live my life questioning everything and focused on my values, ahem, in theory. Perfection escapes us all, but striving for perfection and learning to embrace your failures will make the journey easier. Thus, while it is easy to propose that I’ll challenge everything, inevitably I realize that I have room for improvement. Over the […]

Optimization Savings

Simplify Your Finances through Automation

automate your finances

One of the best ways to pay yourself first, is to automate your financial life. In today’s digital world setting up the automation is simple and frequently requires talking to zero people! This week, I’ve been thinking about time management, and one of my big time savers/stress reducers is that I have my financial life […]

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Four Frugal and Healthy Habits to Make Today

College planning isn't as easy as enjoying a sunset

Practicing frugality is a daily activity, and the more you incorporate frugality into your life the easier it is to maintain. If frugality could be done for only one day and produce major life-changing financial results, there’d be a lot more frugal people out there! But true frugality involves embracing it and adjusting your daily […]

Happiness Optimization

Frugal Pack Challenge – Audit Your Time

walking to work to save money by walking

Hello frugal pack readers! I’m excited to announce the very first frugal pack challenge today! For those of you new to the blog, we are looking to optimize our lives to find happiness aligned with our values. I know I struggle with happiness, but over time I’ve worked to balance my days between work and […]

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain Challenged us to Build a Simpler Life

Chronic pain and personal finance

A simple life goes against many aspects of my nature. I love travel, adventures, and have a million hobbies. Well, okay, one million may be an exaggeration, but I am very good at keeping myself busy. Seeking financial independence involves taking control of your own life, but when chronic pain is present, that control is […]

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Things You Should Rarely Buy New

Ultimate list of stuff you should buy used

Buying new is extremely convenient, but inevitably leads to me spending money that I could instead save. Some things (underwear and socks) I always buy new. But most of time time a used item will be just as good if not better. Before you go shopping consider the old adage: Use it up, wear it […]

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The Cost of Driving – Gas

Cost of Car Ownership

Contrary to popular advertising, you really can save the planet by spending less of your money. Have you ever been shopping for a product, but then done a deep dive down the sustainability rabbit-hole? Is this from sustainably sourced cork? Which leads to the least carbon emissions/deforestation or greatest support of the local economy? Cork, […]

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Where’s Your Favorite Place?

How to travel more and travel now

Oh the places you’ll go when you reach FIRE! Are you rushing to that finish line so you can slow travel each continent, embrace different cultures, eat all the food, and finally experience living in the remote wilderness? You might be missing out on today if that sounds familiar! But, no, you QUESTION EVERYTHING!?! And […]

Frugality Savings

Route to FIRE – Reduce Your Spending Roundup

How to reduce your spending from eight personal finance experts

Reducing spending is a wise financial choice regardless of your current situation. Maybe you are paying off debt, saving to start a family, striving towards financial independence, or planning a gap year. Spending less money every year adds options. After discovering financial independence/early retirement I knew it was for me. The path seams perfect, save […]

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Help! I’m Scared of the Kitchen! It must be Full of Spiders or Ghosts or Human Repellent!

Frugal grocery indulgences to save more money overall

Okay, how many of you have a kitchen full of gadgets you never use? (I’m raising my hand.) In order to unlock savings at the grocery store we need to demystify the art of frugal cooking. So grab your favorite frugal recipe and kitchen implement, let’s dive into a frugal conversation on groceries and the […]