Month: November 2017

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Simplifying through #ActsofKindness

#actsofkindness This Christmas season donate your time, money, and things to help others in need and focus less on consuming

The holiday season is filled with a plethora of excuses to spend money and lose focus of your values. Just a few years ago, Mr. Kiwi and I were part of the herd filing into stores as they opened in the early hours of Black Friday morning. And, while I love thoughtful gift exchanges, my […]

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Is an Emergency Fund Necessary with a High Savings Rate?

Emergency funds are needed, right? Every personal finance expert advises building up one regardless of your financial situation. General advice recommends emergency funds range from $1,000 to one year of living expenses, depending on if you carry debt. Well, I have a confession: until this year we never had an emergency fund. No emergency fund […]

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Frugality: Spend Less by Enjoying More

We are entering the season of advertising, deals, and coupons galore! Around every corner is an opportunity to spend money! In fact, we are always entering a new season of advertising and excuses to shop to save:  From New Years’, to Memorial Day, Sweethearts Day, to after Christmas, there is always a new sale around […]

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Frugal Holiday Gift Guide

THIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS. SEE MY DISCLOSURES HERE. I am SO ready for the holiday season! I love getting together with friends and family to celebrate, eat good food, and rest. Even frugal me loves giving gifts to those closest to me. I love thinking it through, listening to my friend/family member throughout […]

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Save Your Scraps! Frugal Vegetable Stock Recipe

We all love spending less money at the grocery store, right!? Our frugal pack has cut our grocery spending by 33% this year (and 60% over four years) by changing how we shop! But, instead of resting on this improvement, we are still looking for ways to frugalize our grocery bill and eat delicious, healthy, […]


Stop Being Miserable – Financial Independence Options

Financial Independence Options

How do you make it though the every day burden of going to work and doing the motions? Is one of the most common questions I’ve seen on the Reddit Financial Independence community. I still have moments where I question that too, but it’s gotten a lot easier after making it through the first year […]


Optimize Your Career Path – Public Service vs Private Sector

When I ditched my consulting job at a highly visible, well known, environmental services firm to work in the public sector I received a lot of odd glances. Public sector jobs don’t have the best reputation. Fortunately, since I’m seeking financial independence, I’m used to getting weird looks. This article will help you navigate the […]

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October Spending Report – Homebrewing, Pumpkin Carving, and Yoga

Spending for this midwest based family with a mortgage, two adults, two dogs, and plenty of fun!

This year we were spoiled with almost perfect weather most October! So we tried to spend as much time outside in the garden, on bikes, and drinking on patios! I’m glad we did, because these last few days have been dreary and cold, but I’m ready for crafts and time indoors. I participated in my […]