Month: February 2018


My Love Hate Relationship with Couponing

Saving money is one of my favorite daily life hacks. And coupons may initially seem like a great strategy to get the most savings for your buck. However, as many people before me have said 40% off is still 60% more than not buying the thing.  It took me a long time to learn that […]

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Our Balanced Frugal Shopping Ban

2018 Balanced frugal shopping ban, all the rules, lists, and things defined

I didn’t think a shopping ban was for me. Initially I focused on the fact that we have our frugal lifestyle on lock down. A spendy month, really isn’t all that extravagent. When I’m given a gift card that isn’t to the grocery store I have a hard time spending them. I rarely bring new […]


40 Days of Decluttering

Decluttering together! Join the challenge and get rid 80 items in 40 days! Perfect for Lent!

Until we bought our home Mr. Kiwi and I had moved every year for the previous six years. First individually, each year at college, and then together in our new hometown. Moving every year is a great way to reset and go through all of your items. It helped to make sure we didn’t start […]


Am I an Entitled Employee?

Now that I have a super solid emergency fund (and FU fund) I carry around many expectations of my employer. Plus, I’m an entitled millennial, so I have that going for me too! Thus, I shouldn’t have been surprised last week when one of my coworkers stated that I should be more grateful for what […]


Let’s Get Ready to Rockstar Rumble! Vote Today!

Hey awesome frugal pack members! Weird that I’m posting on a Tuesday, eh? But I’ve got some exciting news for you 🙂 My post Frugality: Spend Less by Enjoying More was selected to compete for the best personal finance article of 2017! And, I have one medium sized request: Click on over to the Rockstar […]

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What I’ve Learned By Canceling Netflix

Cancel Netflix to consume media more intentionally and get that to do list done, reflections for four months without netflix

We canceled Netflix back in October, and in addition saving $32, I’ve also saved lots of time and learned a few more things about myself. After having Netflix constantly since 2010, we took a break. The break wasn’t meant to be a TV watching ban or with any specific goals in mind. Mostly, I was […]

Monthly Spending

January Spending – So High We May No Longer be Considered Frugal

See how much this family of two with two dogs spends every month of the year! Track their progress and get great frugal tips as they are saving their way to early retirement

It’s the start of a new month, which means I get to review our monthly spending! This month was pretty stressful unfortunately, with lots of doctors appointments and a new job for Mr. Kiwi. But, I’m glad we got our money situation figured out, so it’s one less thing we have to worry too much […]