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The Christmas Gifts I’m Getting for Myself

Gifts to give yourself for the holidays - what I'm giving myself

Let’s be real, gifts on holidays and birthdays can be a let down. I get that it’s the thought that counts, and fortunately my family stopped exchanging gifts, but the in laws and some other people still insist on annual gift giving. I always try to have a few items on my wish list around […]

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Don’t Give Up on Gratitude

Get to know the frugal pack

In the US we just finished our Thanksgiving holiday weekend, which starts with giving thanks and ends with wrestling discounted televisions from your neighbors to save a few bucks. When we were poor graduate students, our apartment was sparse, and those savings felt real – so we shopped on Black Friday. Now that we are […]

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Save Your Scraps! Frugal Vegetable Stock Recipe

We all love spending less money at the grocery store, right!? Our frugal pack has cut our grocery spending by 33% this year (and 60% over four years) by changing how we shop! But, instead of resting on this improvement, we are still looking for ways to frugalize our grocery bill and eat delicious, healthy, […]

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Four Frugal and Healthy Habits to Make Today

College planning isn't as easy as enjoying a sunset

Practicing frugality is a daily activity, and the more you incorporate frugality into your life the easier it is to maintain. If frugality could be done for only one day and produce major life-changing financial results, there’d be a lot more frugal people out there! But true frugality involves embracing it and adjusting your daily […]

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Help! I’m Scared of the Kitchen! It must be Full of Spiders or Ghosts or Human Repellent!

Frugal grocery indulgences to save more money overall

Okay, how many of you have a kitchen full of gadgets you never use? (I’m raising my hand.) In order to unlock savings at the grocery store we need to demystify the art of frugal cooking. So grab your favorite frugal recipe and kitchen implement, let’s dive into a frugal conversation on groceries and the […]

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Financial Instability – Debt, Depression, and Suicide

Financial Instability

This blog post is part of the Suicide Prevention Awareness Month blog tour in partnership with Debt Drop. If you are feeling suicidal, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or text HOME to 741741. People who are struggling with debt are more likely to suffer from depression and consider suicide than those […]


Healthy Habits for Financial Independence and my Future

Engagement Day

Reaching FIRE isn’t very helpful if I am not overall a healthy person. As I’ve previously described I’ve struggled with being obese for my entire life. Habits made while young are tough to break, but excuses demand a face-punch. Throughout 2017 I have been working to develop more healthy habits. Mr. Kiwi has been an […]

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How we Saved 33% off our Grocery Bill


Groceries have always been a challenge to the budget and waistline for me. Although the grocery budget seems like low hanging fruit when you start looking for ways to save money, I ignored this line item for the first year in my FIRE journey. Food has caused health challenges in the past, and I’ve been […]


My Mustachian Fail! How your Weight can get in the Way Financial Independence

Risk and money vs risk and real life are totally different things

This is the first post I have for my planned series of Mustachian Fails. You can definitely assume that our house has more than just one Mustachian Fail, including owning two clown cars. I’ve struggled with my weight and food my whole life. I know what choices are best for me, but I am an […]