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Is an Emergency Fund Necessary with a High Savings Rate?

Emergency funds are needed, right? Every personal finance expert advises building up one regardless of your financial situation. General advice recommends emergency funds range from $1,000 to one year of living expenses, depending on if you carry debt. Well, I have a confession: until this year we never had an emergency fund. No emergency fund […]

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Simplify Your Finances through Automation

automate your finances

One of the best ways to pay yourself first, is to automate your financial life. In today’s digital world setting up the automation is simple and frequently requires talking to zero people! This week, I’ve been thinking about time management, and one of my big time savers/stress reducers is that I have my financial life […]

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Route to FIRE – Reduce Your Spending Roundup

How to reduce your spending from eight personal finance experts

Reducing spending is a wise financial choice regardless of your current situation. Maybe you are paying off debt, saving to start a family, striving towards financial independence, or planning a gap year. Spending less money every year adds options. After discovering financial independence/early retirement I knew it was for me. The path seams perfect, save […]

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Monthly Mustachian Fail – Car Ownership

Cost of Car Ownership

The Kiwi and Keweenaw household leads a pretty lean life, but we make so many mistakes and non-optimized choices! This drives us two engineers crazy, but happiness also fits into the optimization calculator, which is a qualitative not quantitative measure. While there are many mustachian fails to discuss, this month I’m going to attach some […]


My 5 Favorite Personal Finance Blogs

top five personal finance blogs

I started reading personal finance blogs back in 2014 after talking to a friend about investing. Pop culture makes investing sound so intimidating, so I was lost! Fortunately, I had someone in my life to go to who gave me great advice. I read Ms. Frugal Asian Finance’s list of her favorite pf blogs and […]

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Overcoming Fear

Overcoming Fear

Fear too often guides decision making and keeps people from reaching their goals. Overcoming fear is a constant challenge, but will typically lead to greater happiness. Today’s political landscape highlights how fear is leading decision making, which breeds further fear. Education, meeting other people, and getting out of your comfort zone is critical to overcoming […]

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Our FIRE Date

For writing about financial independence I sure haven’t spent a lot of time actually talking about the numbers, dates, and logistical aspects. There are lots of other bloggers who have gone down the IRS wormhole and figured out optimization. Since I like using the resources available to me, I have not recreated the wheel. Instead, […]

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August Expense Report – A Trip Up North, Bachelor Party and Trip to Colorado

Sunday morning and the living's easy

August was a busy month for our pack and the expense report shows it! First, we headed up north to visit a good friendĀ  in town from California! We drank wine, beer, Bloody Mary’s, and hung out on the water. It was great catching up and enjoying Michigan’s lakes in the summer. We took a […]


July Spending Report for our Family of Two


A monthly feature on the blog will be a detailed breakdown of our expenses aka spending. The intro will be the same each week, so if you’ve read one, you’ve read them all, so skip to the table below. For those of you who are not aware we are a pack of two adults and […]

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June Spending Report for our Family of Two (Just 1 Month Late)

Gardening encourages creativity, happiness, and frugality

A monthly feature on the blog will be a detailed breakdown of our expenses aka spending. The first will be our June spending report. Spoiler alert, the July one is coming soon! For those of you who are not aware we are a pack of two adults and two six year old dogs (who I […]