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My 5 Favorite Personal Finance Blogs

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I started reading personal finance blogs back in 2014 after talking to a friend about investing. Pop culture makes investing sound so intimidating, so I was lost! Fortunately, I had someone in my life to go to who gave me great advice.

I read Ms. Frugal Asian Finance’s list of her favorite pf blogs and loved it! Here are my 5 favorite personal finance blogs:


The Frugalwoods relocated throughout their career to increase their earnings and earn a free master’s degree! After living in big east coast cities for ~10 years, they now live in rural Vermont on the homestead.

Mrs. Frugalwoods is a wonderful and compassionate writer. She helped us slash our expenses, recognize excuses, and focus on our goals. I highly recommend her uber frugal month challenge!


If you are looking for investing advice I highly recommend Jim’s blog. When I first read his stock series, I realized just how simple investing should be. Not can, should and IS! I especially enjoy this post, even if you aren’t fresh out of college. If you are able to put his advice into practice you will reach financial independence quickly!

Jim also has a book* that details his stock series!

3. Mr. Money Mustache

Mr. Money Mustache made early retirement feel so possible! Our savings rate is ~75% and three years into the journey, the math looks to be correct. He retired by 30 by rejecting the norm and building a life he loves. While we don’t do everything he recommends, it is great to read frugal life hacks that go beyond clipping coupons.

He also discusses the environmental impacts of consumption, which appeals to my environmental engineer heart.

4. The Mad Fientist

Brandon breaks down the tax optimization strategies of investing and saving. When I question my investing choices, this is where I go to reevaluate and confirm. He also has a podcast and fun calculators.

5. Living A FI

The posts are long and have a different tone than most blogs, but are so real and exposed. He hasn’t posted since November, but there’s a lot of great content there and helped get me through some rough working days.



That’s the list of my 5 favorite personal finance blogs! Not too original I know 😉

There are so many great PF bloggers out there! My first year seeking FI I read so many blogs, and now that I’m writing a blog I’m reading even more great content. Thanks to Ms. Frugal Asian Finance for the idea for this post. Check out Rockstar Finance to discover your favorites!


What are your favorite personal finance blogs? What do you think of my list? 


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