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Frugal Date: A Physics Lecture on the Honeymoon?

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We are always on the hunt for a frugal date, even on our honeymoon in British Columbia. I’m the planner in our pack, so I planned most of the honeymoon. However, I did ask Mr. Kiwi to figure out at least one activity that he wanted to do. If his goal was to never have the request issued again, wow did he succeed.

This is where the awesome physics lecture took place.

Honeymoon Dates I Would NOT Recommend

Guess what he picked to do in our week in BC? Hmm, maybe the title of this post gave it away, but I’m thinking you would not have originally guessed that he would have taken me to a physics lecture on dark matter.

To be fair, the lecture was at the hands-on science museum in their awesome 3-D theater. The tickets were free (frugal date – check), we were going to be in town that night, so he went ahead and decided that was his planned activity. (Crazy me for figuring out places to hike, bikes to rent, suspension bridges to walk across, breweries to visit (bleh, BC beer is not my fave).)

Some of the Canadian beer we tried.

Had he dug into what the event was about he would have discovered that a professor from University of Chicago was presenting on a recent paper he had published. We flew to another country, to listen to a professor from a nearby state, talk about a paper he had published, which required advanced knowledge in physics! Now, we are engineers, but that means we know applied science not hard science! It was quite the funny experience. The theater was packed with graduate students, one very smart twelve year old and his parents, and two cozy honeymooners. As the event started the realization that we were sitting in a lecture became more and more apparent.

While I didn’t really learn anything at the lecture about physics (it was all way over my head). We did get a hilarious story out of the event! We still smile and laugh thinking about that.


Is there a Frugal Date that Isn’t a Lecture?

So, three years later when Mr. Kiwi proposed going to an event at the local planetarium focused on dark matter, I was a bit skeptical to say the least. This event wasn’t even free! But $8 for the two of us is still a frugal date in my book.

One of the awesome waterfront walks we checked out after dinner and drinks at a brewery.

After my initial hesitation (Mr. Kiwi was shocked I wasn’t as excited as him), Mr. Kiwi did some research and confirmed that this time we’d be seeing an IMAX style show that discussed CERN and dark matter research. I still wasn’t super excited, but it had promise to be fun.

Well, the night turned out to be more interesting for me than for Mr. Kiwi. It was pretty cool to realize that I’ve slowly been absorbing all of his nerding out moments of physics talk on our commutes. The show reinforced my knowledge and added a bit too. Unfortunately, it was too elementary for Mr. Kiwi, but hey, he is thinking about taking a few advanced physics courses. The grad student running the show walked us through the summer night sky, so we can maybe star gaze as experts now. And finally we both did enjoy the roller coaster ride on the mobius strip at the end of the show.


I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for future planetarium dates, since they are a pretty good blend of our interests. And hey it was nice to have a frugal date out on the town.

Oh and if you hadn’t heard there’s an eclipse crossing the US this August.

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