How to Find Happiness by Ignoring the Joneses and Focusing on the Namaste

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Beautiful views from the $14/night National Forest Campsite

I know that I need something more. The burden of working the monotonous, repetitive, 8-5 lifestyle is dragging me down. I’m hoping this blog helps me as I stumble through life with a renewed focus on within. While I have a lot of growing to still do, I’ve realized that frugality, simplicity, yoga, nature, food, friends, and family are my priorities.

The culture today has rejected and exceeded the 9-5 as typical, instead, with a smart phone by your side, people expect you to be available at all hours. Your lunch no longer counts as part of the 8 hour workday, even though you now work through your lunch. Stuffing food into your mouth as quietly, but quickly as possible so that you can keep being productive and hopefully catch up to the mounting pile of work arriving at your inbox.

Life, much like this river, doesn’t always follow the smoothest path

Some days, I slip out of the office for a blissful 15 minutes and walk to the nearby library to return the stash of books, movies, and CDs that I checked out last week, while picking up the new goods on hold that are conveniently waiting at the library entrance.

The wonderful days when I sneak away from my desk to actually browse the shelves and look for non-fiction books that might teach me about my next project or casually peruse the movie shelves were few and far between.

When I worked as an intern, I took an intentional lunch daily. This included eating outside at a park and a fifteen minute walk. Even though I work in a downtown corridor, with thousands of other 8-5 people I would be one of only a handful able to escape for a casual lunch while getting some fresh air. When I got the offer to stay on full time, complete with benefits and a salary, the offer also came with a joke (maybe?) that I could now start bringing my computer home every night and stop taking a lunch break.

Artwork from our favorite Keweenaw Brewery – Definitely worth spending some hard earned money there

I always had the hope of a financially secure future for my pack. However, pop culture, media, family, and friends shaped my vision for the future. I lost sight of what actually inspires me (and, you know what?, it isn’t a cable subscription with hundreds of channels, closet full of trendy clothes, or shelves full of knick knacks (but if that’s what inspires you, no judgement!)).

Thanks for joining me on this new adventure!

Where do you find your happy?

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