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Now Trying Shipt! I’m Ready to be a Shipt Shopper

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Shipt is about to launch in my city, so I figured why not try shopping as a side hustle? I absolutely love grocery shopping. I love learning about new foods, wine, beer, recipes, and cultures. What can go wrong with shopping and getting paid for it, right?

Ha! Well, we will see after the launch on August 1 how much I’m actually willing to shop for other people.

Shipt? What is Shipt?

Shipt is an online business that partners with grocery stores and enables people to order their groceries and get them delivered without ever having to leave the house.They make money, by charging a mark-up on each item on the order, and there is an annual membership fee. Delivery of orders is “free” over $35.

I’m dressed and ready to start shopping after April 1! Shipt Shopper in training.

Shoppers get paid per shopping trip (their algorithm for payment isn’t super obvious online, so once I figure out the general pattern I’ll update you on the details) and can earn tips from the customers via the app or in cash. (Sign up here to become a shopper!)

The business is based in Birmingham, AL, but is expanding throughout the nation. I won’t be an employee of Shipt, I’m a private contractor working at-will.

Trial Side-Hustle

As with any new side hustle, I plan to shop a few times and then re-evaluate. When I first heard of Shipt, I signed up immediately, but now that I’ve had a few weeks to think about the job my hesitancy and anxiety are compounding.

The big obstacles I think I will face:

  • The awkwardness of running into my friends’ parents, since I’ll be shopping in my hometown. (But hey, I’m from this area, so I know the roads really well and this is the MOST central store location, so shortest drive time between the store and home.)
  • I don’t have a non-work cell phone. Originally I thought I’d use google voice with an old iphone I have that isn’t connected to a carrier. But you really need signal when not on wifi, so that isn’t going to work. The plan for the start is to use Mr. Kiwi’s cell phone, and if I enjoy it I’ll get a personal phone. I’ll use some of the extra income to pay for the phone, which will cost ~$20/month on my parent’s family plan.
  • Losing time with friends and family. I’m working a full time job, we are saving a substantial amount of our paychecks, so if I start missing out on fun times it will be easy enough to cut this side hustle.
  • Will I actually make money? It looks like you have to be completing multiple shopping trips at one time to make the advertised $25/hour, so we’ll see if that pans out. I’m thinking there will be lots of shoppers and few early adopters.
Not the shirt I expected
The back of the shirt. Interesting how the shirt didn’t match the media on the website.

But, I’m also excited about adding a more formal side hustle to my life! It will have super flexible hours that can vary from week to week. Here’s what I’m most excited about:


  • Extra income! Anything that makes the earning/saving side of FI go by faster sounds good to me. I’m thinking that if I shop a few days a month I’ll be able to bring in a couple hundred extra dollars each month. That could completely cover our grocery bill. Any extra money I earn is all gravy (aka savings).
  • I love to shop, so this will be a moderately active and hopefully fun way to spend some evenings and Sundays. It will help me get some extra steps in each month, and help reduce the hours spent watching TV or wasting time idly.
  • I’m going to meet new friends?!? There’s a big launch party next week where I’ll meet the other new shoppers. Maybe there will be other FI seekers there to connect with (or maybe a bunch of MSU students). Making friends as a “real adult” is tough. Regardless, I’ll get free food and drinks that evening.
  • Down the road, when we have kids I plan to stay at home with them. This is a way I could make money occasionally and give Mr. Kiwi some one-on-one time with the potential future kids.
  • A new challenge. Regardless of how it turns out, I’m working to embrace pushing myself out of my introverted comfort zone and trying new things. There’s a large international population in the Lansing area, maybe I’ll get to shop for some people who cook a totally different cuisine than the typical American kitchen. Maybe (fingers crossed), I’ll discover some cool, unique items in the grocery store that I wouldn’t find otherwise.

Would I recommend becoming a Shipt Shopper?

Well, it’s too early to say now, but the interview and onboarding process has been very easy so far. I’ve spent probably 30-40 minutes applying, interviewing (not with a real person, it was recorded), and reviewing the app and policies. I have my free t-shirt, company credit card, and I’m ready for the launch party Monday.

I plan to shop for the first time on the Friday of launch week. Conveniently, I have a scheduled vacation day since we are headed up north that day. We won’t be getting on the road until after Mr. Kiwi is out of work, so I can shop during the day and get paid for two jobs!

I promise to update after a few trial runs. If you want to try out Shipt, sign up by clicking here.* (You get $10 of free groceries and I do too!)


*This post contains Shipt affiliate links, I may make money if you sign up through the link.

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