Financial Year (No Wait, Beer!) in Review

Brewery and games for a frugal night out

Yum, beer, that’s much more fun to think about than our financial year in review! So, you might as well have a beer in hand as we review 2017, adjust our asset allocation, determine if we’ve maxed out all of our tax advantaged accounts, and set goals for the year ahead! 2017 Drinking Financial Goals […]

Happiness Health

The Christmas Gifts I’m Getting for Myself

Gifts to give yourself for the holidays - what I'm giving myself

Let’s be real, gifts on holidays and birthdays can be a let down. I get that it’s the thought that counts, and fortunately my family stopped exchanging gifts, but the in laws and some other people still insist on annual gift giving. I always try to have a few items on my wish list around […]


Quitting a Job in Style

how to quit your job and get your boss to invite you back

As some of you know, Mr. Kiwi quit his job a few weeks ago, and achieved what most people quitting their job should hope to receive: an offer to come back to your previous employer. While it is fun to jet off and try new things, hunt for the correct job fit, or go back […]

Guest Posts

Side- hustle: Because everyone has the nine to five, now it’s time to get ahead with the five to nine

My side hustle Airbnb using airbnbn to make more money

Today’s guest post comes from Katie Welsh who has hustled to a positive net worth! Check out her personal finance podcast Chain of Wealth. It seems as though the world has shifted completely in the last decade and everyone is searching for an easy way to make an extra buck. Side hustles are the new […]

DIY Frugality

DIY Cold Brew Coffee on Nitro at Home

How to make cold brew coffee on nitrogen at home. Complete recipe, needed equipment list, and more! Kiwi And Keweenaw

We all have a morning routine, right? You wake up, roll out of bed, maybe work out/meditate, go to work, and then sometime between 9:30-11:30 you drink that first cup of coffee! That’s when your cortisol levels have dropped and the coffee will help keep you productive! Okay, maybe I’m the only one who delays […]

Frugality Groceries

15 Items that Always Make Our Frugal Grocery List

frugal recipes frugal kitchen

We’ve slashed our grocery budget to $225/month for two adults, and I’m excited to share with all of you the fifteen items that we consistently buy to make this possible! These foods help us save money on groceries, and get our shopping done quickly. We were originally spending $700/month on groceries to feed our household! […]

Happiness Mr. Kiwi Work

Changing Careers and Choosing a 60% Pay Cut

Story-time – Deciding to Take a Job with a Large Pay Cut (Written by Mr. Kiwi) It’s difficult for me to talk about my career and future without launching into my whole life story. It feels like maybe if I explain the whole thing maybe you’ll be able to help give me advice or at […]

Monthly Spending

November Spending Report – We Bought an Electric Bike (Kit)

Spend less money, see this family's real spending (DINKs with dogs!)

It’s the start of a new month, which means I get to review our spending! When I first started tracking spending using Personal Capital (sign up for free today), I was not excited to see where about my money was going, but taking the time to truly dig into our budget helped us slash our […]

Happiness Mustachian Fails

Complainypants Mustachian Fail

Do you complain too much! How to complain less!

I’ve been in Lean Process Improvement for my job this past month, which has been so tedious! Ugh, all day meetings are not my jam. My partner has had to deal with complainypants me! Which brings us to the Monthly Mustachian Fail of course! I am (more often than I’d like to admit) a complainypants! […]

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Don’t Give Up on Gratitude

Get to know the frugal pack

In the US we just finished our Thanksgiving holiday weekend, which starts with giving thanks and ends with wrestling discounted televisions from your neighbors to save a few bucks. When we were poor graduate students, our apartment was sparse, and those savings felt real – so we shopped on Black Friday. Now that we are […]