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How We Paid Off Over $60,000 in Debt!

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The secret is out, we haven’t always been so frugal! This week High Five Dad is featuring all the details on our get out of debt journey! He’s also gathered some other awesome debt stories.

The Path to your Financial Independence is Best Ventured on Foot or Bicycle

We both had scholarships, some help from our parents, and jobs to help pay for college. However, we still managed to each take on the average amount of student loan debt during our undergraduate studies (among other things).

Graduating in a state hit hard by the recession during the recession did not lead to promising job prospects. So, we delayed adulting and obtained graduate degrees. Fortunately, we were able to get paid and save some money while in grad school. Then some unexpected bills came our way, we needed to buy two cars, and we had to learn to stop making excuses and manage our finances!

I get into the whole story here! So check it out!

Kiwi and Keweenaw Debt Story

And thanks HighFiveDad for including us in the mix!

Where are you on the debt repayment journey?

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