My side hustle Airbnb using airbnbn to make more money

Side- hustle: Because everyone has the nine to five, now it’s time to get ahead with the five to nine

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Today’s guest post comes from Katie Welsh who has hustled to a positive net worth! Check out her personal finance podcast Chain of Wealth.

It seems as though the world has shifted completely in the last decade and everyone is searching for an easy way to make an extra buck. Side hustles are the new big thing.

We were taught in the 80’s and 90’s to never go in a stranger’s house, stay away from cars you don’t know and don’t talk to strangers…ever, especially online.

Now, it’s almost 2018 and all the rules have changed.

It is now common to use apps like Uber, Lyft and Airbnb to side-hustle to get some extra cash and the best part- it is totally safe for the hustler and user.

This revolution has made it easier for people to find a side job on their own terms.

The allure of “being your own boss” has attracted people to go out of their comfort zones and try out these ideas.  Work on your time, when it is convenient for you.

As a millennial, I can say that I have used all three services, on both sides.

With a move… comes change

I recently have moved across the river from the nation’s capital. It is a beautiful place to live but when trading in the beach and palm tree views in Florida to the tall building and monuments in DC, rent is pretty pricey.

To help compensate my salary, I decided to rent the extra bedroom in my apartment. I will admit, at first the thought of having complete strangers in my apartment was a bit intimidating. I like to host my friends and family, but a stranger, I was a little unsure.

As I messaged back and forth with our first guest, Stevie, I was quickly reminded how safe and fun this was going to be.

Welcome! Mi Casa Es Tu Casa

Before Stevie even got here, I had his full name, address, read reviews from past hosts saying how great he was and Airbnb had his credit card on file in case “something” were to happen. Basically, I kind of felt like I knew him already.

My side hustle Airbnb using airbnbn to make more money
The room!

By the end of his trip, it felt like he was a long lost friend- we had meals together, recommended TV shows to one another and he even gave great travel advice.

Now, not all guests became my best friend during their stay. Some came strictly for work. I would welcome them in, give them a tour and some clean towels. Their contracted jobs kept them very busy and I would hear them shower in the morning and not see them all day. On the day of their departure I would find the key on the counter and sometimes a nice note saying how nice their stay was.

Airbnb was the best decision I ever made. It made not knowing many people in a city a little less lonely and it brought in some big cash- like over $7,000 for doing stuff that I would already do anyway.

By nature, I like to clean. I have been that way since I was little. I liked my desk at school to be organized and I would tidy my room and make my bed everyday- so keeping the place clean was not an issue for me; although I’ll admit, not kicking my shoes off all over the place did take some adjusting.

Super Host- Super Easy

It seemed within a matter of a few weeks, my posting was up for “super host” status.

Now, besides feeling slightly like a super hero, becoming a super host was actually very easy.

To become a super host, you need to:

  • Host at least 10 guests
  • Have a 90% response rate (do you get back to people who inquire)
  • Receive a 5-star review at least 80% of the time.
  • Complete each reservation without canceling

Is it worth it?

In my opinion, yes, absolutely.

With Airbnb, I made enough to live in my centrally located apartment for free for three months.

That is $7,000 I was able to save and help pay back my student loan debt.

If you would like to sign up to become an Airbnb host check out this blog post.

There are other options for side hustles

If you don’t live in an area that is suitable for host an Airbnb, there are other options for a side hustle for you.

If you have a car you can easily drive for Uber or Lyft in your spare time. I have gotten into many Ubers and while chatting with the driver, they tell me how great of a gig it is! Many are driving as their full time jobs now.

Here’s what the drivers are saying:

  • Relaxed atmosphere- you can drive around, listen to music and talk to people. You no longer have a mean boss breathing down your back all day.
  • People are friendly- Never while talking to drivers have any of them said that people have given them a hard time
  • Great way to make connections- You never know who is about to get in your car.
  • Make your own schedule- Bored laying around on the couch or get off work early? Drive whenever you like.
  • It is safe- For a long time, I always wondered about insurance when it came to carpool transportation. (Mainly because that was one of the things stopping me from being a driver) Here’s how a driver explained it to me. When there is not a passenger in the car, regular car insurance would cover if something were to happen. If there was an accident while a passenger was to be in the car, Uber has insurance that will cover the costs.

This eased my mind- although, admittedly, I am a less than great driver. I decided it was for everyone’s benefit that I rent out a room instead of get them somewhere.

So what now?

It is up to you what you would like to try. There are so many options out there now-a-days for you to make some extra money.

Starting anything at first is nerve wrecking. Think of your first day at a new job or being the new kid in school- those nerves didn’t stop you then and they shouldn’t stop you now.

Keep in mind why you are side hustling- what is your goal? To pay off debt, save for an emergency fund or go on vacation? Whichever side hustle you choose; it will make those goals become a reality that much quicker.

Guest post by Katie Welsh:

Katie is an ex-elementary school teacher. Learn how she paid off $20,000 in negative equity.

You can listen to her podcast Chain of Wealth where she and Denis interview people who have valuable financial advice to share.

Have you used AirBNB? What’s your hustle? Do you hustle?

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