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Simply engineered was the original planned title for the blog, but we decided to go a more fun route naming it after a favorite food (who doesn’t like food?) and dog/place (sorry Mara, we love you too!).

Simply engineered is the theme of our lives 🙂

Not Simply Engineered
The Vancouver Steam Clock, Not Simply Engineered

Simply engineered is a good motto for how we are trying to live our lives at home, at work, and with others. The world doesn’t always appreciate simple, but I find my greatest happiness comes from simple activities.

While I sorta enjoy roller coasters and fancy IMAX movies, I find that I am just as content spending time alone or with friends and family enjoying the simpler things.

In early 2015 Mr. Kiwi and I decided to seek financial independence/early retirement, and a key step to making this future a reality is to take advantage of simplicity and spend money only on our values.

We’re both trained as engineers, and basically can’t escape the reality of always searching for the most efficient solution, in FIRE: simplicity.

Simply Engineered Life

So what does Simply Engineered mean? Well it is a lifestyle, focused on living simple and efficiently. We apply this around our food, home, work, travel, finances, and relationships. We spend a lot of time working on home improvements and improving ours skills as “makers.”

Some Would Say Bloody Mary
Beer = Simple Caesar = Complex

We’ve spent the last three years optimizing and have slashed our spending from by over 25%! An added perk is that we get to protect the environment, spend less time in our cars, and more time doing the things we love.

If you want to create the simply engineered life:

  1. Dream about your ideal day, and start shifting your actions to align with the dream day
  2. Consider every dollar you spend and ruthlessly cut your spending (do you really use your netflix?)
  3. Learn from others
  4. Minimize your possessions and declutter
  5. Create your list of basic grocery staples to speed up cooking and grocery shopping
  6. Embrace frugal and healthy habits

What does a simply engineered life mean to you? How do you simplify your life? Where can you simplify more?

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