Simply Engineered

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Simply engineered was the original planned title for the blog, but we decided to go a more fun route naming it after a favorite food (who doesn’t like food?) and dog/place (sorry Mara, we love you too!).

Not Simply Engineered
The Vancouver Steam Clock, Not Simply Engineered

Simply engineered is a really good motto for how we are trying to live our lives at home, at work, and when working with others. The world doesn’t always appreciate simple, but I find my greatest happiness comes from simple activities. Walking the Lake Michigan shoreline, having a cup of coffee and catching up with good friends, reading a book in the sun in my backyard, and playing with my dogs. While I sorta enjoy roller coasters and fancy IMAX movies, I find that I am just as content spending time alone or with friends and family enjoying the simpler things.

In early 2015 Mr. Kiwi and I decided to seek financial independence/early retirement, and a key step to making this future a reality is to take advantage of simplicity. We’re both trained as engineers, and basically can’t escape the reality of always searching for the most efficient solution, in FIRE: simplicity.

Some Would Say Bloody Mary
Beer = Simple Caesar = Complex



So what does Simply Engineered mean? Well it is a lifestyle, focused on living simple and efficiently. We apply this around our food, home, work, travel, finances, and relationships. We spend a lot of time working on home improvements and improving ours skills as “makers.”

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