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442 Reasons Why I Walk

Where can you cut costs? This frugal wife saves $442 by not paying for parking at work and walking a bit farther! Find free parking tips for your city! Kiwi and Keweenaw is a great frugal living blog

I walk one mile every week day. Minimum. Well, at least every day I go to work, since that’s how far away I park. I built in walking for many reasons. But it all started with $17. When I accepted a new job a few years ago, I lost the perk of free parking. I […]

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Things You Should Rarely Buy New

Ultimate list of stuff you should buy used

Buying new is extremely convenient, but inevitably leads to me spending money that I could instead save. Some things (underwear and socks) I always buy new. But most of time time a used item will be just as good if not better. Before you go shopping consider the old adage: Use it up, wear it […]

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The Cost of Driving – Gas

Cost of Car Ownership

Contrary to popular advertising, you really can save the planet by spending less of your money. Have you ever been shopping for a product, but then done a deep dive down the sustainability rabbit-hole? Is this from sustainably sourced cork? Which leads to the least carbon emissions/deforestation or greatest support of the local economy? Cork, […]

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Monthly Mustachian Fail – Car Ownership

Cost of Car Ownership

The Kiwi and Keweenaw household leads a pretty lean life, but we make so many mistakes and non-optimized choices! This drives us two engineers crazy, but happiness also fits into the optimization calculator, which is a qualitative not quantitative measure. While there are many mustachian fails to discuss, this month I’m going to attach some […]


Frugal Finds

Who would throw this out?

I’m always amazed by the awesome things that people throw out or donate! But it especially peeves me when perfectly good and usable items end up in the garbage or recycling center. Thus, Mr. Kiwi and I always keep our eyes pealed and are on the hunt for frugal finds! We live within ten minutes […]