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Get to Know the Frugal Pack

Hi readers! I’m Mrs. Kiwi and I write the bulk of the content here! To welcome you all into the frugal pack, I wanted to share a little more about our pack. Both my hubby and I are environmental engineers, millennials, and lovers of all things frugal! Our pack (two humans, two dogs) has cut […]

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Things You Should Rarely Buy New

Ultimate list of stuff you should buy used

Buying new is extremely convenient, but inevitably leads to me spending money that I could instead save. Some things (underwear and socks) I always buy new. But most of time time a used item will be just as good if not better. Before you go shopping consider the old adage: Use it up, wear it […]

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Monthly Mustachian Fail – Cost of Pet Ownership

Mustachian Fail Pets

We all know the MMM does not own any pets and he has written about it: Good News! Dog Ownership is Optional! I agree pets are a luxury item, and one of the earliest luxury items we splurged on. We even got our dogs before either of our cars. How many small city/suburban dwelling people […]


Kiwi and Keweenaw Enters the Internet World

Emergency Fund

Hi Internet strangers! I’m Mrs. Kiwi. My pack is on the path to FIRE (financial independence, early retirement) with a focus on simple living and happiness. Something that Mr. Kiwi and I are still working through…we’re not perfect! Our other pack members (our dogs Keweenaw and Mara) seem to have this whole happiness thing figured […]