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Happy Holidays and Thank You

Frugal Lake Erie Circle Tour Road Trip

I hope you all are enjoying spending time on things you value during the holiday season. Whether that involves family, friends, the great outdoors, or getting cozy with a cup of cocoa (or cold brew coffee). Thank You Frugal Pack Readers I wanted to take a moment and thank all of you readers, bloggers, and […]

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Deconstructed Black Friday Traditions

Black Friday shopping traditions using 20 years of experience. The best stories, tips and tricks for black friday shopping

I remember going Black Friday shopping with my parents as a kid. It was the tradition. We’d go have family Thanksgiving dinner. Then, after we were done eating, it was time for cards (cribbage or euchre) and reading through all of the sales ads. Everyone had their own notepad and we’d sit in sort of […]

Happiness Optimization

Optimizing for Your Values by Questioning Your Spending

Make your spending match your values

I live my life questioning everything and focused on my values, ahem, in theory. Perfection escapes us all, but striving for perfection and learning to embrace your failures will make the journey easier. Thus, while it is easy to propose that I’ll challenge everything, inevitably I realize that I have room for improvement. Over the […]


Slash Your Spending as a Wedding Guest (and Best Man)

Slash Your Spending As A Wedding Guest

Being in a wedding doesn’t have to be expensive! Have you have been asked to be in a wedding, and then dreaded the associated costs?   You want to support your friend and spend that time with them leading up to the wedding. Don’t worry, you can save money and support your best friends! According […]


Frugal Date – A Saturday Out Saving on the Sly

Most downtown areas have some free or cheap parking

So this past weekend, it really sunk in that we hack our ways to savings and frugal dates in ways that other people don’t even realize. A group of friends of ours were meeting up for dinner, drinks, and a rally downtown. Free rally? Sign us up. Dinner and drinks? We can hack that to […]


Striving for Sanity in an Incompatible World

Chronic pain and personal finance

The challenge of daily work when it doesn’t align with your values is daunting. I’ve struggled for as long as I can remember with the prospects of working an 8-5. I thrive with time for reflection and creativity, which the modern workplace typically stifles. Finding Purpose When Work Doesn’t Provide It People get credit for […]