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Monthly Spending

November Spending Report – We Bought an Electric Bike (Kit)

Spend less money, see this family's real spending (DINKs with dogs!)

It’s the start of a new month, which means I get to review our spending! When I first started tracking spending using Personal Capital (sign up for free today), I was not excited to see where about my money was going, but taking the time to truly dig into our budget helped us slash our […]

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Deconstructed Black Friday Traditions

Black Friday shopping traditions using 20 years of experience. The best stories, tips and tricks for black friday shopping

I remember going Black Friday shopping with my parents as a kid. It was the tradition. We’d go have family Thanksgiving dinner. Then, after we were done eating, it was time for cards (cribbage or euchre) and reading through all of the sales ads. Everyone had their own notepad and we’d sit in sort of […]


Frugal Finds

Who would throw this out?

I’m always amazed by the awesome things that people throw out or donate! But it especially peeves me when perfectly good and usable items end up in the garbage or recycling center. Thus, Mr. Kiwi and I always keep our eyes pealed and are on the hunt for frugal finds! We live within ten minutes […]


Not All Friends have to be Frugal Friends

Rocky falls

I love to travel, and we recently returned from a week long vacation to Colorado. On the trip we caught up with friends, climbed a mountain, explored breweries, and spent lots of time sitting around a fire. We have many frugal friends, but the four we were traveling with would certainly not qualify. One of […]