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Get to Know the Frugal Pack

Hi readers! I’m Mrs. Kiwi and I write the bulk of the content here! To welcome you all into the frugal pack, I wanted to share a little more about our pack. Both my hubby and I are environmental engineers, millennials, and lovers of all things frugal! Our pack (two humans, two dogs) has cut […]

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The Christmas Gifts I’m Getting for Myself

Gifts to give yourself for the holidays - what I'm giving myself KiwiAndKeweenaw.com

Let’s be real, gifts on holidays and birthdays can be a let down. I get that it’s the thought that counts, and fortunately my family stopped exchanging gifts, but the in laws and some other people still insist on annual gift giving. I always try to have a few items on my wish list around […]

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Frugality: Spend Less by Enjoying More

We are entering the season of advertising, deals, and coupons galore! Around every corner is an opportunity to spend money! In fact, we are always entering a new season of advertising and excuses to shop to save:  From New Year’s, to Memorial Day, Sweethearts’ Day, to after Christmas, there is always a new sale and […]


How to Have a Frugal Garden

Gardening encourages creativity, happiness, and frugality

I have only four years of gardening experience under my belt, so I’d say I still fall into the “novice” category. I am definitely no Master Gardener. But, I’ve improved my gardening skills every year, and I now can count on having a bountiful supply of delicious home grown food in a veritable variety of […]

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How we Saved 33% off our Grocery Bill


Groceries have always been a challenge to the budget and waistline for me. Although the grocery budget seems like low hanging fruit when you start looking for ways to save money, I ignored this line item for the first year in my FIRE journey. Food has caused health challenges in the past, and I’ve been […]


Striving for Sanity in an Incompatible World

Chronic pain and personal finance

The challenge of daily work when it doesn’t align with your values is daunting. I’ve struggled for as long as I can remember with the prospects of working an 8-5. I thrive with time for reflection and creativity, which the modern workplace typically stifles. Finding Purpose When Work Doesn’t Provide It People get credit for […]