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Monthly Spending

November Spending Report – We Bought an Electric Bike (Kit)

Spend less money, see this family's real spending (DINKs with dogs!)

It’s the start of a new month, which means I get to review our spending! When I first started tracking spending using Personal Capital (sign up for free today), I was not excited to see where about my money was going, but taking the time to truly dig into our budget helped us slash our […]

Frugality Savings Work

Our FIRE Date

For writing about financial independence I sure haven’t spent a lot of time actually talking about the numbers, dates, and logistical aspects. There are lots of other bloggers who have gone down the IRS wormhole and figured out optimization. Since I like using the resources available to me, I have not recreated the wheel. Instead, […]


Frugal Finds

Who would throw this out?

I’m always amazed by the awesome things that people throw out or donate! But it especially peeves me when perfectly good and usable items end up in the garbage or recycling center. Thus, Mr. Kiwi and I always keep our eyes pealed and are on the hunt for frugal finds! We live within ten minutes […]


Now Trying Shipt! I’m Ready to be a Shipt Shopper

Hustling by shopping through shipt

Shipt is about to launch in my city, so I figured why not try shopping as a side hustle? I absolutely love grocery shopping. I love learning about new foods, wine, beer, recipes, and cultures. What can go wrong with shopping and getting paid for it, right? Ha! Well, we will see after the launch […]


Striving for Sanity in an Incompatible World

Chronic pain and personal finance

The challenge of daily work when it doesn’t align with your values is daunting. I’ve struggled for as long as I can remember with the prospects of working an 8-5. I thrive with time for reflection and creativity, which the modern workplace typically stifles. Finding Purpose When Work Doesn’t Provide It People get credit for […]