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Optimize Your Career Path – Public Service vs Private Sector

When I ditched my consulting job at a highly visible, well known, environmental services firm to work in the public sector I received a lot of odd glances. Public sector jobs don’t have the best reputation. Fortunately, since I’m seeking financial independence, I’m used to getting weird looks. This article will help you navigate the […]

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain Challenged us to Build a Simpler Life

Chronic pain and personal finance

A simple life goes against many aspects of my nature. I love travel, adventures, and have a million hobbies. Well, okay, one million may be an exaggeration, but I am very good at keeping myself busy. Seeking financial independence involves taking control of your own life, but when chronic pain is present, that control is […]

Happiness Savings

Overcoming Fear

Overcoming Fear

Fear too often guides decision making and keeps people from reaching their goals. Overcoming fear is a constant challenge, but will typically lead to greater happiness. Today’s political landscape highlights how fear is leading decision making, which breeds further fear. Education, meeting other people, and getting out of your comfort zone is critical to overcoming […]


Healthy Habits for Financial Independence and my Future

Engagement Day

Reaching FIRE isn’t very helpful if I am not overall a healthy person. As I’ve previously described I’ve struggled with being obese for my entire life. Habits made while young are tough to break, but excuses demand a face-punch. Throughout 2017 I have been working to develop more healthy habits. Mr. Kiwi has been an […]


How to Find Happiness by Ignoring the Joneses and Focusing on the Namaste

I know that I need something more. The burden of working the monotonous, repetitive, 8-5 lifestyle is dragging me down. I’m hoping this blog helps me as I stumble through life with a renewed focus on within. While I have a lot of growing to still do, I’ve realized that frugality, simplicity, yoga, nature, food, […]