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Where’s Your Favorite Place?

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Oh the places you’ll go when you reach FIRE!

Are you rushing to that finish line so you can slow travel each continent, embrace different cultures, eat all the food, and finally experience living in the remote wilderness? You might be missing out on today if that sounds familiar!

Find the adventure and trip nearby
Life, much like this river, doesn’t always follow the smoothest path. Sometimes you need to find happiness today.

But, no, you QUESTION EVERYTHING!?! And are seeking maximum happiness now (early retirement sadly does not solve all your problems, and once you retire, you no longer have an annoying boss to blame those problems on).

Travel is high on my bucket list, and why I want to break out of the daily grind and reach FIRE. It is easy to trap yourself in a mindset of frustration with only two weeks of vacation per year. When you are stuck in the earning years that travel budget may be an easy target to eliminate to up your savings rate.

Brad, on the ChooseFI podcast (are you listening yet? check it out), recently discussed how his family is spending one weekend a month exploring the area within two hours of his home. He is constrained with two kids in school to weekend and summer trips. It’d be easy for his family to just say they have to wait to travel until the summer. But no! They are getting out there, discovering new things, and fulfilling his kids curiosity.

Favorite Places and Future Travel Destinations

Take a moment and list out your favorite places, broken into categories:

  1. The anytime trip – within 30 minutes
  2. The weekender – within 3 hours
  3. The long drive – within 8 hours (this would get me back up to the Keweenaw, but just barely)
  4. The flight – must get on an airplane (or do a really long road trip)

Next, start searching for specifics and things that maybe you overlooked. Especially, focus on places that fit into categories one and two. That’s where you can travel now.

Where can I Travel Now?

Since we want to be living as much of our dream now as possible, you may want to consider starting to travel now.

Look at that list you made? And start finding your favorite places nearby. If, like me, you don’t plan on moving once you reach FIRE, you might as well find your spots now.

I dream of hikes, reading books outside, long bike rides, and drinking tasty beer. Guess what? I can do that now, nearby!

Ah, but I really want to Slow Travel Far off Destinations!

Flying for the weekend isn't fun, I'd rather roadtrip
Bright lights, big city, I’d have to fly to get to Vancouver

Well, me too. But life isn’t set up too well for that. Maybe consider a mini-retirement or find a new job that allows for a sabbatical (paid or unpaid these are getting more common).

In my current job I can take up to three months unpaid (six if I birth/adopt a child…but that’s a whole different world). I still get cheap health insurance and the option to come back.

Basically, I’m trying to say that there a options! Don’t just accept what you see all your coworkers are doing.

Sometimes, no MOST of the time, you have to enjoy the path to FI.

Action Items

Ha! This is like a work memo!

What should you take away from this? Well, get out there this weekend and check out one of those places you want to go! I’m headed outside to wander with my dogs!

There’s no better time than now to find your happy place.

Where’s your happy place? Where are you going to go?


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    Our Happy place is a 3 hour drive ‘up north’. We don’t go there as often as we’d like, but just the thought of having it can get us through bad workdays.

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      It’s definitely nice to have your happy place in mind to get through the bad days!

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